back on the digi-bandwagon

Now that my computer has recovered it’s 120Gb of “other”  (crash plan backing up huge log files to my hard drive in addition to backing up on-line…needless to say, deleted crash plan and the files and hellooooo hard drive space!)  I’m finally getting back to some digital scrapbooking!

01-Intro-Page-webMy dear friend Janet is running a free class at Your Stories Go Digital called “This is me Exposed”  It’s a super class with FREE digi-templates and kits to use in the project.  I thought it would be a fun class and Janet’s designs are GORGEOUS!!  See her shop HERE .  The class runs for four weeks (and it’s kind of self-paced so although it’s on week 3, you can jump in now!)  and I’ve finally gotten to making up the title page for my collection.  I’m not sure what form it’s ultimately going to take but it will be fun going through the pages and answering all the questions….just might be getting my family in on the act as well!

What projects are you working on this month? I’m working out the best way to organize all the files and information for classes like this and will be sharing my methodology soon!

Happy Monday everyone!

One thought on “back on the digi-bandwagon

  1. That’s a great page – I do love ‘white space’ like this. I am always interested in learning new ways of organising digital stuff so looking forward to hearing what you do :).


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