Memory Keeping:: Layout Share

Happy Friday everyone!

A quick post to share two digi-layouts I’ve been working on and finally finished!


I’ve unofficially dubbed this one “Pumpkin Carry”  this photo of my nephew and my daughter makes my heart sing.  Love the two of them together, and they were so little back then!  This layout was a multi-year layout ha ha!  Started in 2015, finished in 2016.

Kit:  Enchanted Woodland Forest   /  Template:  AOAT #2 by Little Feet Digital Designs.




I thought this photo of Saint Chappell from our trip to Paris would be perfect for these papers.  It is an amazing place, like being inside a jewel box!  Wanted to make sure I had really big photo featured for this design and I’m really happy with how it came out.

Kits:  All That Glitters is Gold and Stained Era by Little Feet Digital Designs.

Thanks for stopping by… More digi layouts in the works, as well as working on December Daily from 2015 and catching up on Project Life albums.  What are you working on this weekend?


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