Wherein we have moved sewing operations…

In the time honored tradition of Sewists the world over…I have taken over the dining room. I’m sure many of you can sympathize. The move was initially born out of the purchase of an oversized scanner for my photo organizing business …which meant that the task of digitizing images could not co-exist with a hobby that produces lint, lots of lint.

Add to this the pandemic necessity of making several hundred masks and my compact sewing space upstairs was no longer up to the task. It is nice to be in the main part of the house within shouting distance of the hubs who is WFH in the living room and really nice light during the day. There is also far more room to spread out.

This past season has not seen a great deal of sewing happening but there has been pattern prep and toiles constructed and looking forward to more sewing now that the weather has turned here in New England.

But first…the mending pile…

Hoping to share more soon! What are your fall crafty plans?

One thought on “Wherein we have moved sewing operations…

  1. A craft room and a sewing room – perfect :). And you’re right, you do need really good light for sewing. And what a lovely verdant view you have too. In the summer I always want to be outside and in the winter the hours of good daylight are so short that not much sewing gets done here. You have some lovely fabrics and that top camel/honey coloured knitted garment looks beautifully warm and soft. As for crafting plans, I’m trying to keep our photobook going and trying out a few paint-y things. Nice to see you again in my reader :).


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