What I told my daughters this morning…

Yesterday, I was full of hope and excitement as I took my girls with me to vote for what I hoped would be the first woman president.  I even let them go to school late so we could have a celebratory breakfast at our favorite diner after we were done.  They have been following this election since the beginning and have only known Barak Obama as President.  I brought with me photos of my mother, both of my grandmothers, and my great-grandmother. We wore white under our coats.  5 generations voted yesterday.

I told them all about the ballot.  I told them how it all worked.  They got to see for themselves democracy in action.  I told them of course Hillary would win.


We all know what happened next.   In the depths of the night, in the hour of the wolf I kept thinking…what am I going to tell them tomorrow?  As I got them up and made their sandwiches this morning I kept thinking…what am I going to tell them?  I felt like I/we had failed to keep them safe, that as a nation we had let. them. down.

I drove them to school so they could have a little extra sleep in time after a long night of homework and tutors and papers and watching election returns…. I had 20+ minutes.

This is what I told them

I told them that we were going to do what Michelle Obama told us to do at the Democratic Convention (speaking through a lump in my throat) “When they go low, we go high”.

I told them that yes, Donald Trump had won 270+ Electoral Votes and was now President-elect of the United States.  I told them that Hillary had won the popular vote and that more people voted for her than for Trump, but that the Electoral Votes are the only ones that count.  I told them that the races were so so close in almost every state which means that he did not win by a landslide or a huge margin and we are still a nation deeply and bitterly divided.

I told them that we MUST be thankful that we live in a country that has free and fair elections.  No one has to know who you voted for.  You will not be threatened with death if you vote for the wrong candidate.  You will not be told for whom who to cast your one precious vote.  You will not be threatened or imprisoned for simply voting.  I told them that our tradition of peaceful transition of power MUST be maintained as that is one of the hallmarks of our democracy.  I told them that other countries are not so fortunate.

I told them that Republicans now effectively control two of the three branches of government in our country, which means that maybe there will be no more stonewalling.   Then, I explained stonewalling.  I told them that this President will be appointing at least one and most probably more Supreme Court justices who will decide the law throughout the land.

I told them that their reproductive rights are in jeopardy because of the potential to appoint conservative judges who could overturn Roe v. Wade in a court challenge.  Then I had to explain what reproductive rights are (I thought we’d already covered that).  That the leaders of our country will most likely try to de-fund Planned Parenthood and what exactly that organization does.  They were irate at the idea that someone was going to tell them what to do with their body, and that healthcare would be cut off for millions of women.

I told them that there was a potential for the court to roll back the Marriage Equality Act, making who you love effectively illegal.

They asked if their friends parents would be deported because they are not from this country and if the parents get deported, do the kids have to stay here without parents…and can we take in some of their friends if this happens  (insert heart breaking here).

They asked if a wall was going to be built to keep out Mexicans.  They asked if their muslim friends would be deported.  They wanted to know how it would work that all immigrants would be sent back (I corrected them that it was only illegal immigrants that were being spoken of but…who knows).

I told them to be kind to everyone at school today.  I told them to be especially kind to their friends who may be very worried about their families and what this election could mean to them.  I told them to hug their friends extra well today.

I told them that my/our ancestors came to this country from England fleeing religious persecution hundreds of years ago.  I told them one of my/our ancestors was executed, accused of being a witch at Salem.  I told them that my/our ancestors were involved  at the start of the American Revolution, were Sons of Liberty, and succeeded in throwing off the yoke of tyranny that England had settled around the Colonies. I told them that my/our ancestor was John Quincy Adams, Vice-President of the United States.   I told them my/our ancestors had fought in the Civil War, in the wars in this century and have defended our right to be free.  I told them to be proud Americans today as their heritage demanded nothing less.

I told them to always stand up and defend themselves.  I told them to call out hate and injustice.  I told them to never ever let someone take their freedom.  I told them to be kind.   I told them that Love Trumps Hate.

I told them that in the next Presidential election…they will be 19 and voting…and to remember today.

Writing:: 14/31 Bedside Table (nightstand)

This month, I’m participating in Ali Edwards “31 More Things” class over at her website.  The class is an exercise in writing something every day for 31 days using simple one word prompts.  I have not been so great at writing every day, but I am hoping to catch up this weekend and post here when they are complete!  The intent is to pair writing with one photo to tell a story and to include all the writing in an album.  I am still pondering how these are all going to end up, but I’m enjoying the writing process. *and, I am not going in order!

14/31  Bedside Table (nightstand)

We bought our bedside tables as part of our cherry Shaker bedroom set.   We had just bought our first house in 1996 and I was SO excited to have bedroom furniture that matched after years of us living with our miss-matched furniture we’d each brought with us from our childhood homes.  I still love our set, it’s held up pretty well and endured cats, dog and kids and us.  The top of my table has peeled up alittle from one time when  Fred the cat knocked my water glass over, whilst trying to drink out of it and the water got everywhere and sat there for a loooong time until I noticed it and cleaned it up.  Mostly the top is covered with books and stuff anyway so I don’t notice it.

On Top 

Lamp:  I love these lamps, they were a splurge from Pottery Barn at the time I felt very indulgent but we have had them for well over 10 years now, worth their weight.  I’ve had to switch to a higher wattage bulb in my bedside lamp over the years…. eyes getting older, truly depressing.

Clock radio:  Old school, doesn’t charge anything, radio stations don’t even come in well , it’s tuned to one of our local NPR stations so at 6am, I am awoken to whatever horror is at the top of the news cycle (note to self…maybe it’s time for a change?)

Books:  First and foremost, I am a reader.  My bedside table holds the latest books I’m reading, plus what’s on deck (Anna Karenina)  Lately, I have several going at once.  I also have a stack of books and magazines that I like to pick up and flip through, mostly design/sewing/quilting/knitting books, the overflow is in a big basket on the floor

Magazines:  Love magazines!  Usually I have a copy of the NYTimes Sunday Magazine on, under or next to my bedside table, Charlie passes them along when he’s done with the cross-word puzzle.

Water:  Usually a water glass or bottle, lately I’ve been putting a glass on the floor so it won’t get knocked over…Fred the cat used to drink out of our water glasses and knock them over, since he’s passed, I don’t have a kitty to stick his whole head in my glass…If I don’t have a glass next to my bed…guaranteed to wakeup in the the night coughing and needing a drink.

Kleenex:  A must have…right now it’s on the floor

Night guard:  Evidently, I clench my teeth when I sleep so now I have the dubious pleasure of wearing a night guard, so I keep the case next to my bed so it’s easy to remember to wear it.

In the Drawers

Truth be told….I almost never look in here except for hunting for my book-light if I’m traveling.  And seriously, I’m a little scared to look in here now….

Top Drawer:  Jewelry roll for traveling (empty), book light, eye shade (2), lint roller (4), lint brush (who knew I had this much lint?!), red sweater previously worn by little teddy until dog chewed little teddy up, empty boxes jewelry came in (2), tubes of hand or foot cream (5), flashlight, newest old eyeglasses, 15 pens, pencils and highlighters (mixed). light stick, case for old-iphone that Charlie gave me and is super cute, earplugs, sachets (2), sweet card from hubby, “mom” key chains made by my girls (2), post-it notes, random receipt, AGD glass box from convention…and THAT’s where my badge went! , random fluffy duck toy, medical report from Dr., bookmark, pencil sharpener, batteries, some weird fragrance thing, tea towel (?), leather coin case that was my grandma’s that is embossed with her initials “FMT”, instructions for clock radio. glasses cleaning cloth, red band from PT, post it’s

What went back in…. one lint roller & lint brush, some pens, little teddy’s sweater, jewelry roll, book light & batteries, card, post-its, flashlight, glasses, sleep mask (1), coin case, clock instructions, card, bookmark.  Glass AGD box went on my dresser.  Everything else re-assigned or trashed.

Bottom Drawer:  This is kind of the “memory” drawer….where I keep things I don’t know where to keep anywhere else and  that I do take out and look at from time to time…

Clutch bags – Vintage from my mom and grandmom…5… they probably need to be cleaned and preserved but I do love using them from time to time.  My favorite is a pink silk poi de soie that really needs to be cleaned.  Fancy evening bags, one beaded that was my mom’s, one I picked up in Hong Kong, Two night gowns from my wedding trousseau (do people even use that word anymore?!) to be relocated to pj drawer, jewelry bags (3) one I made for my mom years ago that I hand embroidered.  My mother’s nursing caps (3) in a plastic bag…direct from her nightstand, one with a bobby pin still attached, I think two are student and one RN, Sibley’s box with beautiful silk scarf I never saw my mother wear…ever, one box from “Mr. Foster’s Remembrance Shop” in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia holding bits of lace and handkerchiefs and notes to my grandmother Triggs, straight from her desk. Extra wallet and change purse, color swatches from having my colors “done” in the ’90’s (remember that?)  Vintage found linens and net gloves and handkerchiefs (some family, some I purchased), sachet (tossed), belt to old Girl Scout uniform (!)

what went back in…everything except the nightgowns and color swatches & vintage linens (went to studio),  taking my favorite bag to the cleaners to see if they can clean.

Well, that was good for a cleaning…and an organizing…It almost feels like the top is a look forward, the top drawer is a “right now” and the bottom drawer is a “look back”.




Writing:: 02/31 Home

This month, I’m participating in Ali Edwards “31 More Things” class over at her website.  The class is an exercise in writing something every day for 31 days using simple one word prompts.  I have not been so great at writing every day, but I am hoping to catch up this weekend and post here when they are complete!  The intent is to pair writing with one photo to tell a story and to include all the writing in an album.  I am still pondering how these are all going to end up, but I’m enjoying the writing process.

02/31  home

“Where we love is Home, Home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts, The chain may lengthen but it never parts”  o.w. holmes


This sampler hung in a hallway at my mother’s house for 30+ years, it was made by my Grandmother Mimi when she was a girl.  I used to stop and look at it every time I’d visit.  Now, it hangs in my home, alongside a similar sampler with a different home quote, which was made by my Great-Aunt Dot…

Home is

Home IS where the heart is.

Home is where we gather after a day of school and work and play.

Home is where we share joys and laughter and tears and frustrations.

Home is warm golden light and a roaring fire against the grey winter snow and cold

Home is dinner on the stove and faces at the table

Home is colored adirondack chairs gathered around our home-made outside coffee table on the side lawn, under the shady dogwood and mountain ash trees on a hot summer day.

Home is drinks with friends and neighbors on the screened in front porch, twinkle lights on and flag garlands moving in the breeze from the ceiling fan, clinks of glasses and creaks of wicker.

Home is where we lay your heads to read and sleep and dream at the end of the day

Home is where we all create with fiber and paper and wood and magic

Home is a pile of sleepover girls in the family room buried under quilts and pillows

Home is carpentry in the garage, making in the studio, girls drawing and coloring anywhere

Home is movie nights and show watching in the family room

Home is gathering friends and family from near and far

Home is where my people are

Home is where we belong



a title and a tagline

Fortunately for procrastinating me, the lovely people at WordPress are running their “blogging 101” class again this month.  I’m hoping to pick up some tips and tricks about running a blog both for my blog and the website that I administer for our church  (fumcmelrose.com, come check us out!).

The second day assignment was to work on a title and a tagline.  Honestly, I like my title and tagline.  When I was trying out different titles, I emailed a Creative friend of mine with my list and asked which he liked best.  He replied that “Triggsey” fit my brand the best.  BRAND!  I have a BRAND I tell you!! Yup, Triggsey has been my brand since the halcyon days of the early ‘80s at Syracuse University.  It must be my brand because it is emblazoned on the back of my official sorority drinking mug.

as always…dog approved

as always…dog approved

“Triggsey” just kind of became my nickname at school, I have honestly no idea how it happened….it could have started with the fact there there were four women with the first name “Sue” living in the sorority house my first year there, so we all had to go by last names and “Triggsey” I guess is the cuter version of Triggs.  So It kinda stuck and I kinda liked it and there it is.  Of course then I find out several years after college that my friends weren’t so original and that my Dad’s nickname is Triggsey…fancy that, same last name, same nickname.  So Triggsey it is!

As to the tag line, I didn’t have one for a long while and I played around with a few different ones and nothing really felt right.  Then I thought about what my passion is, which of course is making things, and how much I love it and ta-da….”Joy in the Making” the tagline was born.  I like it, it’s upbeat, it’s happy, it’s slightly aspirational, I think that you have to smile when you say it (go ahead try and frown and say it…doesn’t work does it?!).  What more could you want from a tag line?!

Now, if I can just get around to the technical part of “pointing” my url the right way so it just reads “triggsey.com” we’ll be all set.

Thanks for stopping by, does your title and tag have a story?

Blogging 101: Day 1-A word (or several) about blogging…

Well, I’m slightly late to the party (as per usual). When the WordPress email came regarding the Blogging 101 course, I thought it would be a good way to re-invigorate my blog. Then (as per usual) life and other things got in the way so I am finally starting today, Saturday. Monday So let’s begin shall we?


(yes, this is partly why this post is a week late,  The Beach one of our favorite places)

The first assignment is to introduce yourself to your fellow bloggers (Hi Fellow Bloggers!) since I’ve had this blog since July 27, 2011 (yes, I looked it up, almost four years) and honestly, I’m kinda stuck, because I’m not new to blogging, I just do it extremely infrequently. To help out, the angels at WordPress posted some questions to get us thinking about so I thought….well, what could be easier, let’s just answer those ! (because I’ve been writing this post for days and am fast losing momentum)

Why I started a blog?? *Because it seemed like everyone else had one (I know, I know, bandwagon and all) *Because I wanted a space to share projects I work on primarily, and share little bits of what’s going on in our little corner of this big blue marble hurtling through space *Because a good number of my friends live in far-flung reaches of the world, and it’s nice to have a way to share things with them. *Because I like to write

Why a blog instead of a personal journal? Because, honestly, I’ve tried the journal thing several times and really, I’m just not that good at it. I have never felt the need to write down my deepest darkest thoughts on a regular basis in a book. And really, no one would want to read that on the internet anyway.

What kind of topics do I write about? The same things I’m passionate about in the real-concrete-non-virtual world…. *Creating mostly, all sorts of different things… sewing, memorykeeping, knitting, photography, and any variations and permutations of those topics (that ebbs and flows and lately the energy and time I have for that is taken up with the actual making rather than writing about it). *Farm fresh food and cooking and gardens, I love talking about the farm co-op to which we belong… We are starting to get into the real meat of the season and my thoughts in the late afternoons are pre-occupied with how can I best use up my farm share, and increasingly produce from my garden in the most yummy way possible.    *Our home… because who doesn’t like to check out house before and afters! I’m such a house-gawker.   *Our family adventures near and far (what ? you don’t want to see yet another weekends worth of soccer photos????….need more far and less near I think)  *Our Stories because that is really what it’s all about isn’t it? That is pretty much what we are all sharing her together, no matter what you write about on your blog or post to FB or Instagram or Twitter…it’s all a little bit of your story.

Who do I want to connect with? All sorts of like minded individuals all over the world…that is what makes the internet so darn groovy.

What do I want to accomplish? Well I would like to get into a more regular blogging habit, several times a week vs. several times a year 😉 I have done numerous challenges where I did something every day for a month, mostly successfully. I know I can do it, I just need to make a plan and start. I’m hoping that this class will get me to jump start my blog writing this summer.

And that, in a medium to large sized nutshell is the state of the blog right now. I’m looking forward to the ongoing journey!