Memory keeping: December Daily – Day 1

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Happy December !  Is anyone else as astonished as I am that we are at the last month of the year?  Holy mackerel how did that happen?  Well, if it’s December, it’s time for December Daily.  December Daily is a memory keeping project by Ali Edwards.  This will be my 7th? 8th? 9th? year documenting my December (I’ll have to count the albums I have completed to be sure on the #).  I love this project.  I give myself design parameters, it has a beginning and an end date (both things decided by moi) and I love that is different from year to year as our lives are unfolding differently every year.

One of my intentions was to do a little work upfront and set up the album ahead of time so I could just slip photos and stories into the pockets and be done with that day.  Nah, didn’t happen…life and the “lets make all new flannel covers for the throw pillows” project got in the way of that.  Add in a last minute 4 day trip to Rochester to see my Dad and help him with a few things and yep, no upfront work.  BUT   I have a story and a photo and that’s all I really need isn’t it?!


Todays story is about how thankful I am for my sorority sisters (and Dave – honorary Alpha Gam) and how lifted up I was last night with them.  We had the waitress take a photo of us…and, it’s not a great photo…the bar was dark but who cares?  A photo, a story, a bit of cute card…that’s all you need, I have always used paper and hybrid/digi in my albums and this year is no exception.   I’m still on the road so this layout is all digital,  when I get home I will be printing this out at home (it’s 6×8, my album size for this year) perhaps adding some embellishments on top (washi tape, stars, have to see what’s in the kit) and slipping it in the page protector….easy peasy done!

Happy December Documenting everyone!


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