Memory keeping: December Daily – Day 4


Happy snowy grey Monday from New England!


The story of the 4th was the story of Mary.  This year for Advent, our pastor is presenting a sermon series that focuses on one person from the Christmas Story each week.  This was Mary’s week, as part of the sermon, Stacey showed paintings of Mary depicted in many different styles.  Because the choir sits behind the altar and the TV screens, we can’t see the photos but I knew what my page for the 4th was going to be by the time church was over.   This painting of Mary that I chose for my page was done by Edward Burne-Jones who was an artist aligned with the Pre-Raphaelite movement, a style of painting and decoration I love.


The aspect ratio of the image was such that I printed it roughly 3×8″, backed it with some gold star paper I’ve been hoarding forever, and had this brass star label in my stash just waiting for the right project.  I used Ali’s December Daily 6×8 Overlay for the passages from Luke that were read in church and a little note on the bottom (this would be where the “hybrid” part of the project comes in).  I changed the color on the overlay pulling a gold/tan from the painting (It looks better in person than in the photo) and added a strip of copper/gold washi  at the bottom of the page.  I suspect I know what my story will be on the 11th and the 18th (!).  This took very little time to do other than the fact that (of course) I had to replace 4 colors of ink in my printer.

Here is the back of the insert with the “4” from the Main DD kit embossed with gold


And here how it looks in the album living next to day 4.  I love the way it turned out.


I did a little updating on the day 3 layout, the “3” that I had papered and inked just wasn’t doing it for me so I carefully sliced it off the photo with an exact-o knife, embossed it with red glitter, then glued it onto a new photo that I had to print because even though I was super careful, there was one scuff from the knife and I’d rather re-print than obsess about that one tiny mark every time I opened the book!  (that makes 4 times that I printed the photo eek!  but now it’s done)

December Daily is a memory keeping project by Ali Edwards, click on the link for more information from her website.

Happy December Documenting everyone!


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