If it’s March, it must be Calvinball…

Oh hello March…I have no idea where February went, even with that extra day it all zooms by super crazy fast!   So busy making stuff and chauffeuring teenagers, no time to post!

Last month, I participated in the Layout A Day Challenge, which overlapped a little with my own personal Layout A Day for Lent challenge… well, I did do 29 layouts in February and there are 29 days…so for the purposes of February, I’m calling it good.

This month is Calvinball at Get It Scrapped (HERE is the link to the forum to learn all about it and join the fun)… true to the game from Calvin and Hobbes, it’s a game with moving targets for rules and the objective is to have fun and see how many scrapbook pages you can make, and how many extra points for other things (1-point for scrapping with the color purple) you can manage.  The rules are suggested by everyone and the list grows longer every day.  It is a ton of fun and completely hilarious.

My first two days in March were busy with sewing and website work so today was the first day I was able to sit down and work on layouts (after helping my bestie clean out her craft room all day!)…. I managed three layouts for our 2014 Project Life scrapbook (for 2014 I did one two page layout per week).  It’s kind of funny that I’ve finished our 2015 book and still have 2014 laying around but I am determined to finish it up this week !   A few quick snaps, shot at night with terrible lighting on my iPhone with no attempt at fancy photography, just documenting the documenting!


Week #42:  October….sports, sports, sports…Dad visiting, Lunch with my bestie Janet, quick trip to Maine to see progress on my sisters house and drop Dad off.  Labyrinth at church (super cool)


Week #43:  October…oh yes more sports, bad storm, Dad back at our house, Spooky Sprint, Spooky World, Dinner with Tina & John

SueTR-Calvinball-3a SueTR-Calvinball-3b

Week #44:  October/November…So sad Mayor Menino passed away, the best Mayor Boston has had, what a great man.  Dad here beginning of the week, fun medical stuff, Halloween, projects done and it’s November!

I will be so happy when this is done because I’ve already started 2016 HA!


Making-Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt Along

I’ve been broadening my podcast horizons lately and have started listening to the “Modern Sewciety” podcast and I love it, Stephanie has such a lovely way of chatting with her guests about quilting and the quilt world (which I admittedly do not know much about).  I have made a number of quilts over the years but would not consider myself a “quilter” because, well, I didn’t use an established pattern, I made everything up and made my own patterns. And, I don’t quilt as in put the three layers together and hand stitch them on a quilting frame the size of my dining room table…no thank you.  I have quilted smaller quilts on my home sewing machine, tied a number of larger quilts and sent one out to Nebraska to be machine quilted, hmmm funny still didn’t consider myself a quilter. Well, I guess that is all about to change with this quilt-a-long I heard about on Stephanie’s podcast a few weeks ago.   I’m embarking on the Modern Half Square Triangle (HST) Quilt Along this year courtesy of  Alyce  at  Blossom Heart Quilts .

2 blocks per month x 12 months will equal enough squares for a nice sized quilt.  I’ve pulled fabrics from my stash and purchased just a few pieces to round out the color palette, I’ve also purchased a light grey fabric with white printing that will be the background fabric in each block, I am waiting until the top is done to decide on the sashing and binding fabrics.

QAL Fabric Pull

Aren’t they pretty?!  I went with very highly saturated colors for the most part which I think will give some nice contrast against the background.

QAL-block 1

Aaanndd….here is my first block!  Yay!  I have had that dark blue fabric for YEARS!  I’ve been hoarding it as it’s one of my all-time favorites but now it has found it’s perfect home as part of the new quilt!  The block is a little rough around the edges as I need to “true” the block up, I’m waiting to do that until I purchase a 12.5″ square ruler specifically to that task.  But it’s done!  It didn’t take forever!  It didn’t make a huge mess!  Everything went back onto the shelf until it’s time for the next block!  Win Win Win!

What have you been making this weekend?!


December Daily …yes, another project (!)

I’m excited to start working on our 2015 December Daily album, it is finally December (my birthday month for which I wait patiently all year!)  and time to dig in to the project.  This will be the 6th or 7th year I’ve done a December Documentation album and this project is one of my very favorites.  If you’re not familiar with the project, hop on over to Ali Edwards Blog and read about the project and her approach.  Love Ali, Love this project and Love December!!

Let’s begin… I’ll apologize for the crummy photos, I will try and re-shoot everything at another time but it’s pretty much dark here at 3:45 because of the weather so not so good for photos.   My goal for this year is really to tell one story a day.  Some years I’ve told one, some years I’ve had several things going on and some years it’s just been a piece of pretty paper (not that there is anything wrong with that).  I’m really starting my album with Thanksgiving but those pages aren’t done yet, wanted to get a jump on December stories and try and get into a daily rhythm .


The story of December 1 was a story of being able to laugh at yourself, being able to not take yourself too seriously, and being gracious in the face of extreme goofiness.


Why you ask?  Because my hubby last night took a photo of me nodding off on the couch and posted it on Facebook (!)  general consensus?  He is in very big trouble.  Everyone thought it was hysterically funny (In my defense, it was well past 10 and it had been a long day with a glass of wine at the end).  So not only was I a good sport about the whole thing, It was the perfect story to document general everyday silliness around here….and I will note that when I asked him to take down the post this morning, he did it right away.

This year I’m using Ali’s December Daily Kit as well as the One Little Bird Mini-Kit for my album, along with other supplies I have around the studio.  Hope you give a project like this a try, it can be as simple or as ornate as you like!  I’ll post more general photos/thoughts/ideas later…time to go pick up the girls from basketball practice…one bonus of December here in New England…sports (at least the ones the girls play) move inside!

What are you working on this December?


memorykeeping:: December Daily-my why…

I do not think I have included a formal introduction page on any album I’ve done.  Honestly, it really never occurred to me since most of my albums are either from a vacation or a special event.  My general albums are arranged chronologically, at least until 2007 when I fell off the bandwagon and now I just stack layouts into albums haphazardly…but that is another blog post.  anyway  I thought it might be a nice introduction to talk about why I make these albums, so Inspired by Ali, I made up a “why” page.  I made this page digitally using Christmas themed digital paper for the background, then lowering the opacity by about 50% so its faint in the background.  I used Remington Noiseless as my font and made it bold to stand out.   It was looking a little plain so I added a bit of Christmas washi tape and a “joy” button. The finished page is on the right in this photo, it will be the back of the title page for the album.

DD2014-first two pages

The text reads:

We record the holidays:

To stop time even for just the instant it takes to record an image. That moment will never come again, but we can relive it over and over as an image.

To honor the past as we trim the tree, we talk about the ornaments we have, where we got them, who gave them to us, the family stories come alive. At gatherings, we share stories and old traditions and start new traditions.

To dream of the future this time of year gives us pause to reflect and dream about what we can make manifest in our lives for the coming year. Because time goes far far too quickly and we want to remember every little detail.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas 2014

I like it.

You can learn more about Ali (an awesome person and inspiring memory keeper) and her December Daily project HERE on her blog.


memorykeeping:: December Daily-beginnings and endings

This will be the 6th year I have kept a scrapbook album specifically about the holidays.  I have been inspired the last several years by Ali Edwards December Daily project.  You can learn more about Ali (an awesome person and inspiring memory keeper) and her December Daily project HERE on her blog.  I have included photos from my 2012 December Daily on my blog, that year was one of my favorites for ease and simplicity.  Hopefully if I get some time, I can get other years up to share.

This year I am once again participating in December memory keeping, I have decided to run my album from Thanksgiving to Christmas…and maybe to New Year’s, we’ll see.    I have been doing a lot of thinking about process lately and one place where I get hung up is on the beginning and ending of album projects.  I decided to solve the problem by doing the first and last page in one whack tonight and wanted to share them here with you…

DD2014-first two pages

The title page is on the left, the page behind it on the right.  Yes, the photo is crummy as it’s dark at 3:30 around here now and consequently, most projects are getting worked on in the dark!  I used some new paper that I picked up that I love…very vintage-ey…I colored it oh so slightly with colored pencil, tried some embossing on the tree in white and silver and used some new brads for the top, and number stickers for the bottom.  Simple. Easy. Done.

Back Page

The back page?  I saw a beautiful wood cutout at Absolutely Everything last weekend and knew it was going to be the focal point of the last page… I embossed it with silver embossing powder, picked out a piece of beautiful paper, attached one to the other and voila!  Last page.  Simple. Easy. Done.   (note…working with these die cuts is tough they are very fragile so handle them with great care so they don’t snap…like mine did!)

There now, that’s better!  Solved the beginning and ending bits quite nicely I think!  Looking forward to working on this project more in the coming week!  Hello the Holidays!

Do you have a Holiday project you’re working on?!  I’d love to hear about it!