Family History Strategizing & digi scrapping goodness

For the past several years, I’ve been working on “The Triggs Family Archives”.  Really what this looks like is a giant pile of boxes and slide trays behind the living room couch.  We have a mix of printed photos, lots and lots of slides and a box of super 8 movie reels which honestly makes me queasy just thinking about it.    I have been picking away at scanning for the last year or two and it is a slow process.

As I’ve been scanning, I’ve been thinking carefully about the end product of all this work and Ive been formulating a plan that looks something like this:

  1.  Slides scanned at 600 dpi, and imported into their own “family history” catalog in Lightroom for further sorting, tagging etc…
  2.  Certain groups of slides will be made into photo books for gifts (ie. my Dad’s Marine Corps slides were made into a book and given to him for his birthday)
  3. Other various Family slides will be part of digital scrapbook pages, some simple, some more elaborate.  I have already printed a number of these pages out and put them in page protectors in my giant mishmash of scrapbook layout albums.  I had considered photo books for these photos but the random nature of these photos means I don’t know if I’ll ever feel “done” enough to print out a complete book… so printed layouts for now.
  4. Physical photos that we have come across are slipped into 3-up photo albums and as much information as we know written on the space next the photo sleeve.  Multiple photos of the same event are tucked into the same pocket, this way they are safe and secure while I figure out what to do with them.

Did I mention this is only one half of my family???  There are “The Kilmer Family Archives” that I need to work on as well…different set of parameters for that group of items!

A few years ago, I scanned a page of family photos all taken at the same time / day in 1961 at my Grandparents house in Rochester NY.    I made a layout a few years ago with one of the photos and my friend Janet’s “Rooted in the Past” kit from her company, Little Feet Digital Designs.  Last month she re-issued the kit and it’s HUGE !!!  Honestly I could scrap for months.  This iteration also contains Templates from Dagi’s Templates and the whole bundle of wonderfulness is wrapped up under their joint brand:  Partners in Crime Digital Designs.  I went on a little bit of a digi page making tear this weekend and managed to finish up working with all of the photos from that series!  whew!  So without further ado…. a completed set of layouts!!

09-24-Triggs-Clan-1961-WEB1961-Clover-Hills-Drive-RITP-WEB09-22-LFDD-RITP-FST+LFT-1961-WEB2015-39-The-3-Triggs-Men-WEBNot bad for a few days work!  I’m excited to make more layouts with this kit and get more of our family stories told!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!





may june and now july???

Yes, holy moly yes, it’s July4th!  Happy Birthday America!  My favorite holiday, and before we delve into BBQ preparations and finding the bug spray for the fireworks later tonight, I wanted to share a few of the layouts I’ve been working on during my  blog posting silence (which, you are all quite used to by now 😉 )

I’ve been working on layouts for Little Feet Digital Designs the last few days and wanted to share them with you all.  I love Janet’s vintage inspired designs, and there are always bits that make me say oooh!!!! love that! must do a layout!!!  I’m so thrilled for Janet that in addition to her Panstoria store for .page format kits, she will be part of Pickleberrypop very soon for all of us universal format scrappers!!! Yay Janet, so happy for her!!

Supplies for both of these layouts:  Kit:  Life’s Sweet Temptations / LFDD by Janet Carr  Design/ Template:  STR Designs


Oh my gosh, if you ever go to Portland, OR you must go to Voodoo Donuts.  Best. Donuts. Ever.


And the cupcake queens, Gwen and Marielle after their first “baking camp” at Cambridge Culinary Institute, can’t wait to see what they make this summer!

I’ve been working on the “Family Archives” project with my Dad since last October when we dragged slide trays, the projector and screen and boxes of stuff back to my house from Rochester.  I have plans to start a Family History Album and instead of continued dithering over what form that album should take, I decided to just make a couple of pages.  Fortunately, Grandpa Triggs had organized and annotated some family photos so we know who these people are…from over 100 years ago (!)

Kit for both layouts:  Rooted in the Past by Little Feet Digital Designs


Template:  Flight Plan #2 / One Little Bird Designs


Design/Template:  STR Designs

Thanks for stopping by!  And on to celebrating the 4th!!