Memory keeping: December Daily – Day 4


Happy snowy grey Monday from New England!


The story of the 4th was the story of Mary.  This year for Advent, our pastor is presenting a sermon series that focuses on one person from the Christmas Story each week.  This was Mary’s week, as part of the sermon, Stacey showed paintings of Mary depicted in many different styles.  Because the choir sits behind the altar and the TV screens, we can’t see the photos but I knew what my page for the 4th was going to be by the time church was over.   This painting of Mary that I chose for my page was done by Edward Burne-Jones who was an artist aligned with the Pre-Raphaelite movement, a style of painting and decoration I love.


The aspect ratio of the image was such that I printed it roughly 3×8″, backed it with some gold star paper I’ve been hoarding forever, and had this brass star label in my stash just waiting for the right project.  I used Ali’s December Daily 6×8 Overlay for the passages from Luke that were read in church and a little note on the bottom (this would be where the “hybrid” part of the project comes in).  I changed the color on the overlay pulling a gold/tan from the painting (It looks better in person than in the photo) and added a strip of copper/gold washi  at the bottom of the page.  I suspect I know what my story will be on the 11th and the 18th (!).  This took very little time to do other than the fact that (of course) I had to replace 4 colors of ink in my printer.

Here is the back of the insert with the “4” from the Main DD kit embossed with gold


And here how it looks in the album living next to day 4.  I love the way it turned out.


I did a little updating on the day 3 layout, the “3” that I had papered and inked just wasn’t doing it for me so I carefully sliced it off the photo with an exact-o knife, embossed it with red glitter, then glued it onto a new photo that I had to print because even though I was super careful, there was one scuff from the knife and I’d rather re-print than obsess about that one tiny mark every time I opened the book!  (that makes 4 times that I printed the photo eek!  but now it’s done)

December Daily is a memory keeping project by Ali Edwards, click on the link for more information from her website.

Happy December Documenting everyone!


Memory keeping: December Daily – Day 3


Happy Sunday !

Just finished up the layout for yesterday, which once I settled on what I wanted to do, came together very quickly.  In addition to Ali’s main December Daily Kit, I also purchased Authentique’s  Retro Christmas papers and stickers.  My favorite December Daily albums are the ones that include retro inspired Christmas elements and papers.  Last year, I did not use any and I felt something was lacking while I was putting my pages together.


The story of the 3rd was the story of cousin DJ’s birthday party and cousins and friends hanging out.  The lighting at the house was lovely but very low so I played around with some photos in Pic Tap Go until I came up with a black and white option I liked (moody photo to match moody teenagers-ha!) .  A digital stamp from Ali’s shop from last year highlights the birthday boy… I papered and distressed the “3” and added it to the photo.  For embellishment, a cut file from Ali from last year on my silhouette, backed it with paper from the Retro Christmas 6×6 pad and added a star from this years kit.  I made up a journal card with stickers from Retro Christmas and added my journaling by hand.  Unless I’m adding words directly to a photo in photoshop, I hand write all of my journaling.  Faster, easier and I think the stories sometimes flow better.  And another one in the book!  I know what the story for today is going to be already !  Just need to pull it together (so happy about that!).

December Daily is a memory keeping project by Ali Edwards, click on the link for more information from her website.

Happy December Documenting everyone!


Memory keeping: December Daily – Day 2

Good morning!  Happy December 2nd … making pages and posting two days in a row?  I call that a major win.  Before I dash off to work at the fabric shop, I wanted to get yesterdays layout done and also add a few touches to my photo from the 1st.

The story of the 2nd is the story of the long drive home from seeing my Dad in Rochester…it’s almost 400 miles between my house and his and it’s an all. day. drive.  no other way around it.  The plus side is it’s turnpike/thruway with well-spaced rest stops, straight shot and I have Apple CarPlay !  I was also super-lucky with the weather … this time.


Sorry for the reflections, it’s barely dawn and photographing around the overhead light is a pain.  You also get a tiny glimpse of my desk-that-was-clean-last-night-now-not-so-much… So one photo of the bridge over the Hudson River (that I have driven over a million times)  a stamp from this year’s main kit, a jingle tag from an old sticker set (because I wrote on the photo and ran out of room so hello cover up) and a white enamel star.  I’ve decided to use the white chipboard numbers from the main DD kit in each layout but try and change them up so I stamped “currently” from one of this years stamp sets using Ali’s crafters ink (hello new ink pads! they are so yummy, I highly recommend them, you can purchase the set here)


I glued this to a star transparency from way back and backed it with a piece of white cardstock.   Wrote up a card from the main kit with another enamel star.  I went black and white with this layout as the colors in the photo were really vivid and I wanted a more neutral day 2 to sit next to the day 1.


So here is Day 1 and 2 layouts together.  I printed out my Day 1 6×8 (I put it on an 8.5×11 in photoshop then printed at home), added the “1” (which I tried to distress but that turned into a mess so now it’s solid black -hello fat sharpie-although in this photo, it looks green.) and added a gold star.

1 & 2 in the bag!  More stories coming for today, working @ the shop, girls basketball game, party at the cousins’s house…so many stories to choose from!!

December Daily is a memory keeping project by Ali Edwards, click on the link for more information from her website.

Happy December Documenting everyone!


Memory keeping: December Daily – Day 1

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Happy December !  Is anyone else as astonished as I am that we are at the last month of the year?  Holy mackerel how did that happen?  Well, if it’s December, it’s time for December Daily.  December Daily is a memory keeping project by Ali Edwards.  This will be my 7th? 8th? 9th? year documenting my December (I’ll have to count the albums I have completed to be sure on the #).  I love this project.  I give myself design parameters, it has a beginning and an end date (both things decided by moi) and I love that is different from year to year as our lives are unfolding differently every year.

One of my intentions was to do a little work upfront and set up the album ahead of time so I could just slip photos and stories into the pockets and be done with that day.  Nah, didn’t happen…life and the “lets make all new flannel covers for the throw pillows” project got in the way of that.  Add in a last minute 4 day trip to Rochester to see my Dad and help him with a few things and yep, no upfront work.  BUT   I have a story and a photo and that’s all I really need isn’t it?!


Todays story is about how thankful I am for my sorority sisters (and Dave – honorary Alpha Gam) and how lifted up I was last night with them.  We had the waitress take a photo of us…and, it’s not a great photo…the bar was dark but who cares?  A photo, a story, a bit of cute card…that’s all you need, I have always used paper and hybrid/digi in my albums and this year is no exception.   I’m still on the road so this layout is all digital,  when I get home I will be printing this out at home (it’s 6×8, my album size for this year) perhaps adding some embellishments on top (washi tape, stars, have to see what’s in the kit) and slipping it in the page protector….easy peasy done!

Happy December Documenting everyone!


Memory Keeping:: Layout Share


Happy post-turkey-coming-out-of-the-food-coma day!!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here (insert post-election stress eating), and this weekend we are thankful for friends, family, home and the quiet hum of everyday life.  While the teenagers are sleeping until noon, I wanted to pop in and share some layouts I made for Janet’s CT 

First up:  Caught on Camera which uses Little Feet Digital Designs beautiful new kit Cornucopia of Thanks currently available at her Gingerscraps shop and at coming to her Forever shop on December 2, 2016.  I am working my way through scanned family slides and dug around until I found this one of mom circa 1963/64… love it  and I remember wearing that skirt years later for a school play.  Template from the Get it Scrapped Membership class Scrapbook Coach 21 “Top Heavy”.  Getting back in the swing of working on my scrapbooking classes as well.

Caught on Camera

Next up … the layout I made from my post-election blog post “What I told my Daughters”     Kit:  Cast your Vote by Little Feet Digital Designs by Janet Carr currently available at Gingerscraps and Forever/Artisan.  Design is my own.  This layout may look a little odd sized, this is a 1 1/2 page layout…a 12×12 layout on the left and a 6×12 on the right.  These will be hinged together once they go in the page protectors with the 6×12 folding over the larger layout… Not sure what I’ll use for the back of the 6×12, I may go back in and design a 6×12 using other kit elements and papers for that side.

What I told My Daughters

That’s it for now… the rest of today will be dedicated to some more scrapping, some sewing and a run out to Jordan’s to purchase a new bigger bed for us !  Happy Post-Turkey Saturday everyone!!

What are you making this weekend?