Memory keeping: December Daily – Day 2

Good morning!  Happy December 2nd … making pages and posting two days in a row?  I call that a major win.  Before I dash off to work at the fabric shop, I wanted to get yesterdays layout done and also add a few touches to my photo from the 1st.

The story of the 2nd is the story of the long drive home from seeing my Dad in Rochester…it’s almost 400 miles between my house and his and it’s an all. day. drive.  no other way around it.  The plus side is it’s turnpike/thruway with well-spaced rest stops, straight shot and I have Apple CarPlay !  I was also super-lucky with the weather … this time.


Sorry for the reflections, it’s barely dawn and photographing around the overhead light is a pain.  You also get a tiny glimpse of my desk-that-was-clean-last-night-now-not-so-much… So one photo of the bridge over the Hudson River (that I have driven over a million times)  a stamp from this year’s main kit, a jingle tag from an old sticker set (because I wrote on the photo and ran out of room so hello cover up) and a white enamel star.  I’ve decided to use the white chipboard numbers from the main DD kit in each layout but try and change them up so I stamped “currently” from one of this years stamp sets using Ali’s crafters ink (hello new ink pads! they are so yummy, I highly recommend them, you can purchase the set here)


I glued this to a star transparency from way back and backed it with a piece of white cardstock.   Wrote up a card from the main kit with another enamel star.  I went black and white with this layout as the colors in the photo were really vivid and I wanted a more neutral day 2 to sit next to the day 1.


So here is Day 1 and 2 layouts together.  I printed out my Day 1 6×8 (I put it on an 8.5×11 in photoshop then printed at home), added the “1” (which I tried to distress but that turned into a mess so now it’s solid black -hello fat sharpie-although in this photo, it looks green.) and added a gold star.

1 & 2 in the bag!  More stories coming for today, working @ the shop, girls basketball game, party at the cousins’s house…so many stories to choose from!!

December Daily is a memory keeping project by Ali Edwards, click on the link for more information from her website.

Happy December Documenting everyone!


Memory keeping: December Daily – Day 1

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit

Happy December !  Is anyone else as astonished as I am that we are at the last month of the year?  Holy mackerel how did that happen?  Well, if it’s December, it’s time for December Daily.  December Daily is a memory keeping project by Ali Edwards.  This will be my 7th? 8th? 9th? year documenting my December (I’ll have to count the albums I have completed to be sure on the #).  I love this project.  I give myself design parameters, it has a beginning and an end date (both things decided by moi) and I love that is different from year to year as our lives are unfolding differently every year.

One of my intentions was to do a little work upfront and set up the album ahead of time so I could just slip photos and stories into the pockets and be done with that day.  Nah, didn’t happen…life and the “lets make all new flannel covers for the throw pillows” project got in the way of that.  Add in a last minute 4 day trip to Rochester to see my Dad and help him with a few things and yep, no upfront work.  BUT   I have a story and a photo and that’s all I really need isn’t it?!


Todays story is about how thankful I am for my sorority sisters (and Dave – honorary Alpha Gam) and how lifted up I was last night with them.  We had the waitress take a photo of us…and, it’s not a great photo…the bar was dark but who cares?  A photo, a story, a bit of cute card…that’s all you need, I have always used paper and hybrid/digi in my albums and this year is no exception.   I’m still on the road so this layout is all digital,  when I get home I will be printing this out at home (it’s 6×8, my album size for this year) perhaps adding some embellishments on top (washi tape, stars, have to see what’s in the kit) and slipping it in the page protector….easy peasy done!

Happy December Documenting everyone!


What I told my daughters this morning…

Yesterday, I was full of hope and excitement as I took my girls with me to vote for what I hoped would be the first woman president.  I even let them go to school late so we could have a celebratory breakfast at our favorite diner after we were done.  They have been following this election since the beginning and have only known Barak Obama as President.  I brought with me photos of my mother, both of my grandmothers, and my great-grandmother. We wore white under our coats.  5 generations voted yesterday.

I told them all about the ballot.  I told them how it all worked.  They got to see for themselves democracy in action.  I told them of course Hillary would win.


We all know what happened next.   In the depths of the night, in the hour of the wolf I kept thinking…what am I going to tell them tomorrow?  As I got them up and made their sandwiches this morning I kept thinking…what am I going to tell them?  I felt like I/we had failed to keep them safe, that as a nation we had let. them. down.

I drove them to school so they could have a little extra sleep in time after a long night of homework and tutors and papers and watching election returns…. I had 20+ minutes.

This is what I told them

I told them that we were going to do what Michelle Obama told us to do at the Democratic Convention (speaking through a lump in my throat) “When they go low, we go high”.

I told them that yes, Donald Trump had won 270+ Electoral Votes and was now President-elect of the United States.  I told them that Hillary had won the popular vote and that more people voted for her than for Trump, but that the Electoral Votes are the only ones that count.  I told them that the races were so so close in almost every state which means that he did not win by a landslide or a huge margin and we are still a nation deeply and bitterly divided.

I told them that we MUST be thankful that we live in a country that has free and fair elections.  No one has to know who you voted for.  You will not be threatened with death if you vote for the wrong candidate.  You will not be told for whom who to cast your one precious vote.  You will not be threatened or imprisoned for simply voting.  I told them that our tradition of peaceful transition of power MUST be maintained as that is one of the hallmarks of our democracy.  I told them that other countries are not so fortunate.

I told them that Republicans now effectively control two of the three branches of government in our country, which means that maybe there will be no more stonewalling.   Then, I explained stonewalling.  I told them that this President will be appointing at least one and most probably more Supreme Court justices who will decide the law throughout the land.

I told them that their reproductive rights are in jeopardy because of the potential to appoint conservative judges who could overturn Roe v. Wade in a court challenge.  Then I had to explain what reproductive rights are (I thought we’d already covered that).  That the leaders of our country will most likely try to de-fund Planned Parenthood and what exactly that organization does.  They were irate at the idea that someone was going to tell them what to do with their body, and that healthcare would be cut off for millions of women.

I told them that there was a potential for the court to roll back the Marriage Equality Act, making who you love effectively illegal.

They asked if their friends parents would be deported because they are not from this country and if the parents get deported, do the kids have to stay here without parents…and can we take in some of their friends if this happens  (insert heart breaking here).

They asked if a wall was going to be built to keep out Mexicans.  They asked if their muslim friends would be deported.  They wanted to know how it would work that all immigrants would be sent back (I corrected them that it was only illegal immigrants that were being spoken of but…who knows).

I told them to be kind to everyone at school today.  I told them to be especially kind to their friends who may be very worried about their families and what this election could mean to them.  I told them to hug their friends extra well today.

I told them that my/our ancestors came to this country from England fleeing religious persecution hundreds of years ago.  I told them one of my/our ancestors was executed, accused of being a witch at Salem.  I told them that my/our ancestors were involved  at the start of the American Revolution, were Sons of Liberty, and succeeded in throwing off the yoke of tyranny that England had settled around the Colonies. I told them that my/our ancestor was John Quincy Adams, Vice-President of the United States.   I told them my/our ancestors had fought in the Civil War, in the wars in this century and have defended our right to be free.  I told them to be proud Americans today as their heritage demanded nothing less.

I told them to always stand up and defend themselves.  I told them to call out hate and injustice.  I told them to never ever let someone take their freedom.  I told them to be kind.   I told them that Love Trumps Hate.

I told them that in the next Presidential election…they will be 19 and voting…and to remember today.

Back it up and Print it out

I had started writing this post in February and wanted to finish it up and post it now because is still very relevant to anyone who works on a computer and especially if you are the keeper of the family archives and other super-important pieces of information… so I continue…

It’s been a pretty busy month around here, but by far the most stressful part of the month was when…I dropped my EHD on the floor…and nothing but a tiny rhythmic clicking sound could be heard.

Lights on but nobody’s home!  Yikes, slight panic and that awful sinking feeling of *&@(*^#@  this is going to mess up my day.  I work exclusively on a laptop so I rely on an external drive for storage of extra files including almost all of my digital scrapbooking supplies as well as my photo library from 2013 and backward.   Did I completely freak out??  Not at that moment.  Wanna know why?  Because I back up my laptop and my ehd to Time Machine.  Huge. Life. Saver.

While it was a hassle to order a new drive, and wait two days for it (free shipping worth being patient).  I plugged it in and spent a day and an evening restoring everything from the Time Machine.  Good. To. Go.

Until I realized that I was missing TWO YEARS of my photo library.  2013 and 2012  GONE.  That was the sick stomach heart wrenching moment.  Gone, Zip, Nowhere, went through my entire backup and they were not there!!!!  Probably 20k images disappeared into the ether.   Once I returned from my blackout, I realized that it wasn’t quite so bad because…. I PRINT OUT MY PHOTOS *gasp, I know, sacrilege right?  Not like the old days where you sent in a roll of film, and get prints back.  So while I don’t have every single photo that I took in that time frame, but I have the best of the best printed out and in my hands.

And I’ll update this little tale with…. I’m super glad (yet again) that I save stuff because on an old EHD that I had outgrown…on an old Time Machine backup from the beginning of 2014….guess what I found???? Yep, my 2012 and 2013 photo libraries.  All back safe and sound!!  Digital files and actual prints for the win.



December Daily …yes, another project (!)

I’m excited to start working on our 2015 December Daily album, it is finally December (my birthday month for which I wait patiently all year!)  and time to dig in to the project.  This will be the 6th or 7th year I’ve done a December Documentation album and this project is one of my very favorites.  If you’re not familiar with the project, hop on over to Ali Edwards Blog and read about the project and her approach.  Love Ali, Love this project and Love December!!

Let’s begin… I’ll apologize for the crummy photos, I will try and re-shoot everything at another time but it’s pretty much dark here at 3:45 because of the weather so not so good for photos.   My goal for this year is really to tell one story a day.  Some years I’ve told one, some years I’ve had several things going on and some years it’s just been a piece of pretty paper (not that there is anything wrong with that).  I’m really starting my album with Thanksgiving but those pages aren’t done yet, wanted to get a jump on December stories and try and get into a daily rhythm .


The story of December 1 was a story of being able to laugh at yourself, being able to not take yourself too seriously, and being gracious in the face of extreme goofiness.


Why you ask?  Because my hubby last night took a photo of me nodding off on the couch and posted it on Facebook (!)  general consensus?  He is in very big trouble.  Everyone thought it was hysterically funny (In my defense, it was well past 10 and it had been a long day with a glass of wine at the end).  So not only was I a good sport about the whole thing, It was the perfect story to document general everyday silliness around here….and I will note that when I asked him to take down the post this morning, he did it right away.

This year I’m using Ali’s December Daily Kit as well as the One Little Bird Mini-Kit for my album, along with other supplies I have around the studio.  Hope you give a project like this a try, it can be as simple or as ornate as you like!  I’ll post more general photos/thoughts/ideas later…time to go pick up the girls from basketball practice…one bonus of December here in New England…sports (at least the ones the girls play) move inside!

What are you working on this December?